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Elite Events BC-events planning services in Kamloops and the Southern Interior

Elena Markin

Elite Projects & Events BC story is very tightly connected with my personal story.  

Since I was child, happily raised in Europe, I’ve always loved languages, reading and writing.  I believe, this is the base for my vivid imagination and enthusiasm in everything I choose to do.  From creating unique ads that please the senses and tell a story, to beautiful and unique events.   

An image is worth a thousand words, they say.  In today’s world, we are overwhelmed with images and information, how could your business stand out from the crowd?  By triggering an emotion, by wording your ads differently, un-traditionally, by educating your customer in a captivating way that doesn’t feel instructional.  These are few concepts that I use when creating design work for advertisements.  

Elite Events BC was born as a result of my love for working with people.  Yes, I am highly sociable person, and I love my brides!  I enjoy planning the unique features of each event – whether it’s a wedding, or an executive retreat.  I pride myself with the work I do, and totally enjoy the versatility of this profession.  

I’ve planned over 500 events in my professional career!  I worked as a venue planner for several years, which made me realize how much I love planning events and seeing them come together successfully.   

And... one of the best part of my job is when I receive heart-warming thank you messages from my amazing clients!  Follow the link below to read a few.

Warmest regards,