Video advertisements and design services for businesses

Video advertisements that sell more

Short video ads for small businesses

Is you business struggling with being noticed on Facebook and Instagram?  What if you can change this, and finally show your potential clients that you have what they need?

Short video ads do this.  And it all starts with a good ad copy.

Statistics and research on Facebook videos make it clear that businesses should be heavily investing in video content.

- On average, video posts on Facebook get at least 59% more engagement than other posts. (Source:

- 62% of Facebook users have reported being more interested in a product after seeing it on a Facebook video. (Source: Facebook)

- Facebook is the second most popular video platform after Google. (Source: Statista, 2019)

- When looking at what types of content made up the top 500 Facebook posts of 2018, more than 81% were videos! (Source:

Here at Elite Projects BC, we create authentic and human-forward Facebook and Instagram videos for businesses.  The mindset we have is that behind each view or reaction to the content we create, there is a human being with emotions, their own life and motivations.  We "speak" to people personally and create effective storytelling that will naturally lead to growing your business.

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Digital designs for your business

Designs that sells more stuff - digital ads for businesses

How many of you - business owners - have a message for your customers, but are reluctant to spend hours putting this message in a digital design? 

You are amazing at what you do, but this might not necessarily include design of your social media posts, posters, or presentations of your products or services.  That's what we do.  

We create digital designs for:

- Facebook and/or Instagram posts

- Facebook event covers

- Posters for upcoming events or sales

- Presentations of products or services for your business

- Flyers

- Blog banners

- Cards

- Photo collages that tell a story

- Logos

- Business cards


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