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There are many things to consider when planning corporate and business events.  Meeting space requirements can vary, sometimes out of ordinary set up is required, or daylight in the meeting room, or maybe a larger  room with space for breakout groups is needed - for workshops and group activities.  And this is just the start...
Employees are overburdened at work and the details needed to  plan a seamless event are often too large of constraint to place on  people not experienced in the area of event planning.

Successful  events require patience and great attention to detail.  We can find  your perfect location and venue; we can look for your guests  accommodations; we will gather quotes on all AV equipment required and  communicate with all service providers (did you know some  venues offer basic AV equipment free of charge with room rental?  This can save you money!).  We  can take care of all the planning for you at a very reasonable price point, depending on the size of your group.

Another service we offer to businesses and organizations is hotel rooming list management. 
This is a task most organizers dread,  and most attendees don't think of.  The amount of changes in a rooming list can be absolutely overwhelming.  
We will be happy to take care of this for you.

If your business needs partial help with a meeting or conference, we  are pleased to offer hourly consulting services. If interested please email us  and we can start the conversation.

Let’s  talk about your next business meeting or conference!  
The sooner you  contact us, the more likely it is to match precisely your space  requirements to the available sites in the area.  

We are also happy to offer Event Marketing services (as a separate service or together with event planning).   If you are planning a public event - don't forget that Event Marketing is a must-do, to create a very well attended and successful event.

Our 45-min initial consultation is complimentary.

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